SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019, 7:30 P.M.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist, Bedford, MA


KAMMERWERKE Double Wind Quintet Concert

Divertimento No. 2, Alan Pearlmutter's second effort at composition for the voices of the Kammerwerke winds, draws on classical and romantic traditions. It is melodious with shifting harmonic planes, yet it utilizes classical forms such as the fugue and theme and variations.
Stephen Gryc, American composer and Professor Emeritus at The Hartt School, has written for every type of instrument and ensemble. Six Romances After Mendelssohn, composed in 2013, is a series of variations on a theme from Mendelssohn's Scotch Symphony. The variations embrace fast, scherzo-like fun, slow meditative melodies, and contemporary rhythmic gestures.
Boston-based Michele Caniato has written compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions for big bands and jazz combos, along with a wide variety of chamber music works. Of Landscapes, composed in 2019 for Kammerwerke, the composer writes "it mirrors the workings and interactions of the mind, with its trains of thought that come and go, obsess, unravel, resolve, and explain."
Bedford-based composer Dean Groves recently composed a fugue for Kammerwerke. It is traditional in its statements of subject and counter subjects and creates an imitative web of colorful wind voices. St. Martin was inspired by the island of the same name. Part 1 creates the sound of waves in a peaceful cove. Part 2 images raindrops on a hotel roof. Part 3 is a jazzy Caribbean dance. The score adds harp and double bass to the dectet.