SATURDAY, November 17, 2018, 7:30 P.M.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist, Bedford, MA

KAMMERWERKE Double Wind Quintet Concert

The second installment of A German Romance presents three remarkable and unknown works by Salomon Jadassohn, Joachim Raff, and Max Brauer.
Serenade by Jadassohn makes reference to the musical styles of the Renaissance, classicism, and romanticism. The romantic second movement weaves a lovely lyrical melody between flute, clarinet, and oboe. A note-for-note imitative canon highlights the third movement. A bolero at the finale closes the work with a Spanish, sensual flair.
Raff’s colorful Sinfonietta draws on the classical-romantic model. The work features a hymn-like chorale, a sprightly tarantella, a lyrical slow movement in the style of Robert Schumann, and a finale which is a virtuosic, swirling whirlwind of scales.
Pan Suite by Max Brauer draws on Greek mythology and Pan, the god of spring and fertility. Movement titles such as Satyrs, Nymphs, Night and Apparitions promise a canvas of haunted sounding effects which are both colorful and mysterious. Through all of this is the sweet recollection of Schumann and Brahms.